The followings are some of the Expressions of Joys Subhendu received from his wedding clients:
Amrita-Abhiroop Amrita & Abhiroop
Wedding & Reception, Asansol & Kolkata. 4th & 6th February, 2014
"Thank you...thank you...thank you!!! AWESOME photos!!! I am looking at each one twice...thrice and n number of times!! Thank god we found you!!! Thank you sooo much!! This is what my Grandmom had to say about your pics: 'Amader samay erom hoto na. Emon sundor vabe muhurto gulo dhora poreche. Keno je loke pose diye chhobi tole?' For me it justified lobbying for candid photography :) Also we wanted to thank you for taking sooo many pics and specially for taking group photos as well, which were not part of the plan. Thanks a ton again! Stay blessed."
Lubna-Vinod Lubna & Vinod
Reception, Vashi, Navi Mumbai 18th May, 2013
"Getting a wedding photographer was the last moment call, Me and Lubna were in need of a photographer who was not really orthodox. Just about a week before our "wedding Party" we came across Subendu. We were truly reluctant since we had no clue how this was gonna shape up since we wanted our moments to be captured in the way they were and make it special for us for rest of our life. Boy! we were in safe hands - Subendu stepped in with his armour and shot them all. He was very accommodating with my request and his style of photography complemented our requirement perfectly which was to capture the events in a very candid manner. The best part of this guy is that he is a charmer, he is the photographer with the smile - you certainly don't want a grumpy photographer on your special day, do you? He blends his style with your requirement and *BOMB* - he delivers! Thank you Subendu for making our special moments even more special!"
Jeevita-Sudhakar Jeevita & Sudhakar
Wedding, Mumbai. 31st May, 2012
"I can’t express how happy I am to have selected Subhendu for my Wedding shoot. He is extremely talented and yet a very humble human being and very easy to work with. I am glad that through his lens and skilful hands I am able to preserve the most beautiful and precious moments of my life. He is super punctual and has delivered everything that he promised before time. His equipment is top class and through his genius editing he turns every picture into a masterpiece, making an ordinary person look like a star. My family and friends were speechless when they saw my wedding album and the pre-wedding photo shoot. I did a lot of research before my wedding and found him very reasonably priced for the class of service he provides. Needless to say I have become his loyal customer for life. Thanks Subhendu-da!"
Sweta-Sumedh Sweta & Sumedh
Wedding & Reception, Mumbai. 24th April, 2012
"We came upon Subhendu's site when we were searching for a photographer for our wedding. We read about his Wedding Giveaway and decided to chance our luck. Fortunately for us, we won the April contest and Subhendu turned up for the wedding! :) From the outset, we could see that this was going to be very different from the typical wedding albums that we are accustomed to seeing. He was capturing so many moments from different angles and was always in the right place at the right time. We could hardly wait for the pics to arrive. Our feverish anticipation certainly wasn't misplaced, as the pics were every bit as good as they promised to be, and then some! The memories of our big day were brilliantly captured and preserved for posterity. Thank you, Subhendu, for such a wonderful gift."
Shabda-Sandeep Shabda & Sandeep
Wedding, Mulund, Mumbai 18th March, 2012
"Hey, I just now finished seeing all snaps. Sandeep also checked. We love it. Superb work. Our parents are also very happy seeing those snaps. Thanks a lot!"
Mona-Aaron Mona & Aaron
Pre-wedding, Jabalpur 22nd-25th December, 2011
"I have taken a quick look at the photos and they look awesome! ... Excellent work, my friend. Each one of the pictures is worth seeing again and again."
Namrata-Abhishek Namrata & Abhishek
Pre-wedding & Engagement, Thane, Mumbai 16th-17th December, 2011
"Thanksss a ton !!!! We lovedddddddddddddddddd all ur pix :)... We still wonder when did u manage to capture all those shots...! Indeed that's what candid photography all about.. ! We both are very very happy with your work Subhendu :)... Each pic relives every moment of that day.. Thanks once again.. :)"
Priyanka-Ritban Priyanka & Ritban
Pre-wedding, Wedding & Reception, Kolkata 8th-12th December, 2011
"Subhendu had this concept of pre wedding shoot which we loved and he shared a lot of ideas and situations to us before the shoot to make it worth remembering and his easy demeanour made us comfortable and was a joy to work with him. The pictures of our event tell the story about our journey with all the emotions and expressions captured and not missing a single moment. He has an eye for perfection and a hand of gold to capture precious moments and bring out their fine nuances. Thank you Subhendu for making our event memorable and giving us our most precious gift..beautiful lifelong memories to bring a smile and reliving the moments over and over."
Debashree-Vaijayanta Debashree & Vaijayanta
Wedding & Reception, Kolkata 3rd-6th December, 2011
"Thanks for all the snaps... so natural and realistic... blessed hands... divine minds... inquisitive eyes... beyond imagination... and what not?"
Niti-Manish Niti & Manish
Sangeet, Wedding & Reception, Noida, Delhi 18th-19th November, 2011
"The pics are awesome, really good. I never knew photography was such a unique art. Once again, all the photos are awesome and your photography skills - MINDBLOWING. Thank you sooo much."
Neetu-Amlan Neetu & Amlan
Pre-wedding & Marriage Registration, Mumbai 4th November, 2011
"The pics look absolutely amazing. We also had the opportunity to share these with a few friends and family and they too were blown away by the quality. Thanks a lot for your efforts - we really appreciate it. Thanks for making our day special. We had put 3 of these up on our website and our facebook invite pages last week and the compliments from friends have been flowing ever since :D"
Aastha-Rahul Astha & Rahul
Engagement, Mumbai 9th October, 2011
"You made it very lively by your humour. Thanks for your efforts. Looking forward to continue with your service in the future."

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