Wedding Photography FAQs

There are many common questions come in the minds of prospective clients who want to hire Subhendu for their weddings. Most of those questions are answered in this page. Please read them all before you Request for a Quote. If your question is not answered, please send an email.

It seems that you are a photographer from your childhood...
Yes and no. :) Clicking photographs does not make one a 'photographer'. I have started photographing for the purpose of 'photography' only a few years back. I'm still learning...
Do you do videos too?
No. I only do photography. Though I have plans to make short films using my dslr, but that's another story...
Can you recommend any video cameraman?
You have to arrange a video cameraman yourself. I am yet to come across a modern-age wedding cinematographer in India to recommend. I've a friend who does so, but, he's based in Malaysia.
What kind of wedding photography do you do?
I prefer doing candid and journalistic wedding photography. Please have a look at my Wedding Photography Portfolio to get an idea.
Will you take group shots on the stage?
I don't mind doing that. But, if I'm busy shooting the guests in groups on the stage, I'll miss out on the moments happening around. If the number of guests is less than 100 on an occasion, I can still manage both the things. Otherwise, you will be spending too much money by engaging me for taking group shots.
Who will take the group shots then?
Normally a photographer also comes along with the video person as a package deal. You may use him for the group shots. Most of them do decent jobs and you will also be happy for not losing further candid moments and portraits of your friends, relatives and guests.
If I book you, would you be personally photographing my wedding?
Yes, I will be shooting pictures myself.
Do you allow other photographers to click my wedding too?
Now-a-days everyone carries camera. Guests, families, friends keep on clicking photographs in a wedding. It's okay with me. I also don't mind even if you hire another professional photographer to shoot your wedding. But, I would request you to see that I am not obstructed or disturbed by anyone while doing my work.
What cameras do you have?
I shoot with two dslrs with a wide-angle and a telephtoto attached. I take few more lenses in my pockets to use them at appropriate times. I also carry a 35mm and a medium format film cameras with me. I sometimes use those film cameras for landscapes and couple portraits.
How many photographs can I expect from you?
It depends upon the time duration of an occasion and the number of guests. You may expect around 250 edited photographs for an 8 hour long wedding event. In all the cases so far, my clients received more than what I promised.
Would you transfer me the jpeg files from your memory card to my laptop after the shooting is over?
I shoot in RAW format. Those RAW files have to be edited and then converted to JPEG. To answer you question, I won't transfer files directly from my memory cards. I will deliver only the edited photographs to you.
What are the differences between shooting in JPEG and RAW format?
:) This is not the right place to answer that. You may google for it to learn further.
Who edits your photographs?
I edit myself.
I need a photobook...
I design the photobooks myself and get them printed on Kodak Luminous photo paper by Kodak certified printer. They are UV-coated to last (expectedly) for 100 years. They are also hard-bound and heavy-weight. We can decide upon the photobook after the editing of the photographs are done - because, photobooks are designed using the edited photographs. You are, however, free to get your photobook designed and printed by anybody using the same edited hi-res image files that I deliver. You may have a look at a wedding photobook designed by me.
Would you give me a PhotoShow with my wedding photos?
I will, of course, if ordered for. :) The photoshows are developed using the edited photographs. So, we can talk about this after I deliver you the edited photographs.
When will you deliver the edited photographs to me?
Within 4 weeks from the date of finishing the shooting (and meeting the payment schedule).
4 weeks??? Why do you take so much time?
:) I edit each and every photograph. Each of them are given a particular 'look' matching that moment. I take time. :)
And how much time do you need for delivering photobooks and photoshows?
Another 2 weeks after I deliver the edited photos. :)
What are your packages?
I do not have any package. My fees are based on photography and editing. Everything else is optional and on a-la-carte basis.
My wedding is outside Mumbai. Can you do it?
Yes, I travel for wedding photography anywhere in India. My charges for outstation (outside Mumbai) weddings are inclusive of travelling costs. You need to arrange a decent accommodation, preferably close to the wedding venue, and all conveyances from/to your city's airport/railway station during my stay there at your place.
What are your fees?
It depends upon many factors, like, location, timings, number of guests etc. Please request for a quote with complete details.
How expensive are you?
'Expensive' is a relative term. :) I think my fees are reasonable and I always try to over-deliver. I feel happy when my clients express their joys for hiring me. :)
What details I need to put while requesting for a quote?
Primarily: (a) the date(s), (b) time schedule, (c) occasions, (d) city of functions, (e) expected no. of guests and (f) mobile number (even international.

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